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Healthy Fundraisers

Fundraising Idea Lists

The Center for Science in The Public Interest has a one page Fundraising Options Available to Schools  a two page School Fundraisers Can Be Healthy and Profitable and a more detailed 70 page report document entitled SWEET DEALS: School Fundraising Can Be Healthy and Profitable .

Healthy Fundraising Ideas Check out these fundraising tips for your childs classroom

Green and Garden Related Fundraising Ideas

Back to the Roots
Mushroom Growing Kits let you grow up to one and a half pounds of tasty pearl oyster mushrooms right out of the little brown box. 40% ROI.

Koru Fundraising
Koru offers the best green fundraising programs. 40 to 50% profit. Quality, practical products. No Minimums. No Risks. The way fundraising is meant to be!

Botanical Interests Fundraising
Sell seeds to raise funds for your school. Over 500 varieties are available to sell with no order forms, no catalogues, never handle the product and receive 40% of the selling price.

Renee’s Garden Fundraising Program
Sign up for Renee’s School and Nonprofit Program and 25% of every order will be donated to your program.

Flower Power Fundraising with Flower Bulbs Sell bulbs and keep 50% of sales.

Farm Raisers
Farm-raisers are an alternative fundraising method that brings healthy, farm-fresh foods to schools, raises funds for school programs, and supports local family farms. Farm-raisers raise school funds through the sale of fresh, local and healthy foods.

Fruit Sales
Sell fresh fruit for your next school or garden club fundraiser!

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