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Life Lab cultivates children's love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education.

Garden for Learning Book

Gardens for Learning

Created in partnership with Life Lab, Gardens for Learning is a comprehensive guide for Creating & Sustaining School Gardens

A comprehensive guide developed by experts to be a must-have resource for anyone starting or enhancing school gardens.

Download the California School Gardens Resource Guide at the links below.

Gardens for Learning – Creating & Sustaining Your School Garden Free, 98 Page Guide Book

Or Download by Chapter:

1. Introduction to School Gardens
2. Planning Your School Garden
3. Linking Gardens to School Curriculum
4. Promoting Healthy Living
5. Designing Your School Garden
6. Finding Supplies and Funding Your Garden
7. Planting Your School Garden
8. Maintaining Your School Garden
9. Sustaining Your Garden
10. Working with Volunteers

Find additional resources on all of the chapter topics on our school gardens resource page

Learn more about the Creating and Sustaining School Garden Workshop Resources developed by Life Lab as part of the California School Garden Training Program

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