Life Lab

Life Lab cultivates children's love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education.


  • American Horticulture Society/Jr. Master Gardeners Growing Good Kids Book List

  • Farm to School Literature List. Includes books in Spanish.

  • Favorite Books for Kids and Their Educators  from City Blossoms. The list notes books that are in languages other than English

  • Books in Bloom by Valerie Bang-Jensen & Mark Lubkowitz, includes 17 chapters each featuring a popular children’s book and related garden-inspired activities to help you ‘dig’ into the story in a fun way.

  •  Literature in the Garden by the Jr. Master Gardeners, utilizes six Growing Good Kids Book Award-winning titles to inspire learning through outdoor activities, creative expression and open exploration.

  • Readers to Eaters – they publish story books about food

  • Food Tank Book List – Books to Grow Nourishing Minds illuminates the ways that food is used to show love, bring together communities, pass on traditions, and teach lessons. 

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