Life Lab

Life Lab cultivates children's love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education.

Fall Benefit

A Celebration of Learning
and Community

The event was a beautiful gathering of shared hearts and minds advancing the nature of education through Life Lab programs and growing networks.  It was such a joy for us to present these new Life Lab developments with our community!

Gardens of Gratitude

We are thankful for your encouragement and support as a member of our Life Lab community. Despite the challenges of this unprecedented year, Life Lab is moving forward with grace and creative innovation. The events of this season have provided opportunities to support our local community and national networks in new ways, expand our reach through virtual connections, and dive more deeply into justice and equity in all of our work. We are strengthening the roots that feed Life Lab programs as we continue to transform the Nature of Education. Continued cultivation of children’s love for learning and connections with healthy food and nature during COVID is essential and brings hope, wonder, and a much needed breath of fresh air. We are excited to share the inspiring work of our dedicated staff with you!

The presentation includes links to all our current work.

Kids Experimenting

Seed Engineer Lesson: Designing a samara seed – 2017 

Highlights from the event

Welcome to the Life Lab Garden

Thank you so much for joining us!

Event time

Saturday October 10th

Couldn't make it to this event?

No worries, you can still make a meaningful contribution to Life Lab’s continuing work.

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